Sort Microsoft Outlook Contacts By Date Created

Have you ever added someone to Microsoft Exchange sync’d mobile device, then forgotten their name?  BUT you know a general time period of when you added the contact?

Well, I have, and never knew how to find the “created on” attribute… but i guess I never looked very hard.  But tonight I was really feeling frisky and decided to look at all the attributes on an item in Outlook.  There’s a whole bunch of attributes that you don’t normally see, which always kinda gets me interested…   Here’s how to sort your contacts by their creation date, showing the day that you added them to your phonebook or contact list:

In Outlook 2010:

  1. Click on the contacts view in Outlook
  2. Click the View Tab in the Ribbon
  3. Click Change View>List
  4. Click View Settings
  5. Click Columns
  6. From the pulldown menu choose “All Post Views”
  7. Hilite “Created” in the list
  8. Click “Add ->”
  9. If you want, put the Created as the first in the list
  10. Click OK>OK
  11. Sort at leisure!

In Outlook 2003:

  1. Open your contacts view in Outlook
  2. Go to View>Arrange By>Current View>Phone List
  3. Go to View>Arrange By>Current View>Customize Current View
  4. Click Fields
  5. From the pulldown menu, select All Post Fields
  6. Hilite “Created” in the list
  7. Click “Add ->”
  8. Click OK>OK
  9. Check out your new “Created” column in the view. BOOM
  10. Click the Column header to sort by date.

In outlook 2007, it’s probably really similar to OL2010